Product design
FREETECH is pursuing a design taken into consideration the positive impact on the whole lifestyle beyond seeking and focusing on exterior design of the products.
In order to provide new experiences and services through the design, we consult a successful business by cooperating with experts in each field and building up the infrastructure with integrated imagination from planning, designing to production on the basis of the creative and technical abilities.
  • Step 01

    Request design

    Kick-off meeting
    and Contract

  • Step 02

    Setting a design direction

    Analyze competitive product
    Ideation concept sketch

  • Step 03

    Review design draft

    Review design draft
    (3D rendering) – 3 proposals

  • Step 04

    Modify and
    complete design

    Review latest design
    (2D/3D rendering) - A proposal

  • Step 05

    Transfer data and
    specification management

    Transfer 3D data and
    design proposal
    Mock-up inspection

  • Step 06

    Follow-up manufacturing

    Support design and color,
    artwork revision
    Supervise the draft design
    for mass production

Product design (Mechanical design, PCB development)
Since its foundation in July 2009, we keep trying our best to have a great competitiveness both internally and externally by creating a high value through cost reduction, risk disperision,
concentration of core competencies, and professional exhancement based on the experiences in production development as a partner of Samsung Electronics.
  • Step 01

    Design planning (Cost analysis)

    Design Planning
  • Step 02

    Structure review

    Structure Review
  • Step 03

    Detailed design

  • Step 04


  • Step 05

    Working mock-up

  • Step 06

    Mass production

    Mass Production