Follow-up mold manufacturing
Mold made of metal are used, and injection molding materials are metals, resins, plastics, ceramics powders, etc.
It means of production that makes all the products that consumer use. This is a necessary step for small and large lot production, mass production.
  • Step 01

    Mold design

  • Step 02

    CNC,Wire cutting

  • Step 03

    precision mold
    and machining

  • Step 04

    Mold assembly

  • Step 05

    Check a initial
    injection molding

  • Step 06

    Measurement / Inspection

  • Step 07

    Mass production

  • Step 08


Follow-up mass production

  • Warehousing of Mould
    the quality of mould
  • Injection mold sampling
    Inspection of the mass
    production possibility
  • Confirm mass production specifications
    Check the specification and
    submit the approval sample
  • Approval sample
    Preparing the approval
    sample and material
  • Mass production
    Comparison with approval samples
    and independent inspection
  • Outsourcing manufacturer
    Deliver specifications
    and approval sample
  • Warehousing
    Import inspection or
    shipment inspection
  • Shipping
    Submit report of
    shipping inspection
  • Customer
    Confirm delivery and
    feedback to customers