Create mockup and 3D printer
It is a highly important stage that producing a product from a designed 3D shapes and verify the combination of the design and reliability before opening the mould.
We are able to do various types of tests with samples similar to real products.
Various samples are also available for mass production and semi-mass production.
  • Production

  • Step 01

    Design3D Design/Data secure

  • Step 02

    CADComputer Aided Design

  • Step 03

    CAMComputer Aided

  • Step 04

    Numerical Control

  • Step 05


  • Step 06

    Painting + Printing

  • Step 07


QDM (Quick Delivery Mold)
Quick Delivery Mold is a system for quick delivery of a trial mold and trial product for new product development by manufacturing
the core and cavity alone based on the 3D CAD drawing and then mounting it on a standard mold.
It would require 3 days up to 8 days with QDM, and it is called a mold for reliability testing depending on its application.

QMD(Quick Delivery Mold)
QDM’s advantage

  • Suitable for small quantity batch production
    Reduce mold costs significantly (Cellphone 35%)
  • The shape of design can be checked and changed.
    It's possible to check and change the initial design idea since the mould is produced based on the Design Modeling Data.
  • Mechanical design problems will be revised by manufacturing the same structure as the mass production mould.
    It will shorten the mass production mould leadtime
  • Reliability test, modifying and complementing are available.
    For reliability test, change of resin and mold modification is possible.
  • Provide a sample for buyer confirmation is available.
    Making mockup for design approval and display is available.
  • Prior to make a mold for mass production, sampling is available
    Producing prototype and mock-up for display is available prior to start of mass production.
  • Sample will be dispatched within 3 days
    Producing prototype and mock-up for display is available prior to start of mass production.